The Nu Covenant of Solomon

and The Mystery of Moshe Daniel’s Imploded Star is the first-person account of the amazing journey of the author’s life that led Moshe Daniel to the recognition of who he truly is. It is filled with rich visions, revelations of ancient mysteries, and very important ancient and Nu wisdom for the End of Days. Moshe Daniel begins this connect-the-dots, original tale, based on his true life story, by sharing the burning question he had for years growing up, “Why do I have a big hole in my chest and what is the significance of the strange symbol that I see flashing in my vision?” The author includes the steps he took on his quest to discover the answers, describes the helpers he had along the way and their exciting messages to him, and his own astonishment at the discovery that he is a reincarnation of the Soul of...

This work is now available as part of The Solomon Healing Project, which includes The Psalngs of Solomon and the global plan for unity called ENL / Nutopia.

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