Moshe Daniel has also experienced a neuromuscular disease that affects nearly one million people and until recently killed a third of them. It has killed some of the most famous people in the world,  Aristotle Onassis and Sir Laurence Olivier among them. It's called Myasthenia Gravis and it slowly robs people of all muscle strength. The disease has hardly slowed him down, however. He has competed in international athletic competitions in karate, played hockey, soccer, traveled around the world, teaches, continues to play ultimate Frisbee at a very competitive level, and treats patients from all over the world suffering from this very illness. "The disease has been one of my greatest teachers. It has forced me to let go of control, to replace power with love.  It has forced me to face the limiting belief systems originating from the time of Moses, and has revealed much to me about how to heal the Hebrew genetics, which has led me to the creation of the Homeopathic Elixir of Life - a formula of the most profound homeopathic remedies I have found that match the layers of consciousness that separates or blocks each of us from manifesting what one could call the state of Adam Kadmon, or the Christ / Messianic consciousness - the Return to our True Nature in the Garden of Eden. 

The process I've worked through with the illness has also taught me the steps to healing that I share in my books and through HeartH Radio.  As you can see in Part III of this bio, I think my illness is intimately linked to suffering everywhere, as it stems right from the root of separation from the Creator.  I became sick to sensitize myself so I could understand and help people everywhere free themselves from fear and pain for their peace and the peace of the entire planet."

Moshe is currently living in Montreal, Quebec, seeing patients part-time, working on David House Productions, Book2 of the Last Four Books of Moses, EveryNationLand, The Homeopathic Elixir of Life, The Moe-Joe Cell and the Psalngs of Solomon - all continually evolving works in progress.


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