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During the reign of King Solomon, there was a golden age of peace on Earth and the tribes of Israel lay united. But King Solomon erred and fell, and with that came the shattering of the peace. In The Nu Covenant of Solomon, using extensive research and his own discoveries, Moshe Daniel discusses the secrets, the wisdom, as well as the errors of Solomon, along with what caused his demise, describing the enormous torment and pain he went through to understand and heal the karma of Solomon's fall. In the book Moshe shares the mysteries he uncovered along his journey, like the true meaning behind the galactic alignment in 2012, the secret of the Sphinx, many secrets of Kabbalah and the long sought after Philosopher's Stone. The book is filled with rich visions, and the revelation of ancient and very important wisdom for the End of Days.

The Psalngs of Solomon, written and performed by the author, is the cutting edge Psalms-as-Songs album of inspirational music with a modern, unique, up-beat folk-rock style. The messages of the music reflect the contents of the book in a deep and epic fashion, heralding in peace and unity, exposing difficult topics in, at times, a humorous fashion, and moving the soul to original melodies that are very profound.   
There is great wisdom and beauty in the simplicity and importance of the vision and purpose of The Solomon Healing Project - to unite the tribes of Israel along with all nations for peace on Earth. 

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