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Sphinx Artwork by Moshe Daniel

Sphinx Artwork by Moshe Daniel (click image for full-sized artwork)

And the Alchemy of the Elixir of Life in the form of a Spherical Cell

by Moshe Daniel

First of all, before beginning, if you are not already acquainted with the Moe-Joe cell, please become so - click HERE and allow Alby to explain "What is the Moe-Joe cell?"

Secondly, please understand the following - For thousands of years, humans have held secrets to themselves. Some for greed, some for ego, some because their daddy's didn't play with them enough when they were children. Whatever the case may be, there has been a lot of needless suffering because the adepts and elites have withheld information. I write this because I feel this has got to stop! Full disclosure of knowledge and information is so vital. This is in harmony with EveryNationLand and Nutopia's open-door policy, sharing of information, and just giving credit where credit is due (this is the collective copyright system©©) I share these deep secrets and mysteries of alchemy and Kabbalah here so that you can put it to good use and help me, in whatever way we are able, to end the suffering caused by the withholding of vital information. In this document, you will find some of the most vital information - at least, herein lies the greatest truths I have yet to encounter. These have a practical application and I will add, a beautiful Pattern of the Great Work of Alchemy to create the Elixir of Life as described in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. (Remember, Nature has many patterns. This is one of them - creating a multiple layered "ether" of celestial astral fire of Sol and Luna and their balance)

Lastly, before beginning, all of the knowledge contained within this document has come to me through revelations, through synchronicities of special events that brought many pieces of the puzzle of mystery together for me. If you resonate with this document, or just like it and want more where this came from, please click HERE and read Bio Part III "The Mystery of Moshe's Imploded Star."

Sphinx Sphere Video part 1

Sphinx Sphere Video part I

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Sphinx Sphere Video part II

What you are about to discover and see in the Sphinx Sphere is the most optimal, top configuration for the physical form of a cell to create healing and tap into the three-fold nature of the Zero Point energy. What remains is the other half, the power supply. This will be discussed later.

Now Let's get into the magical and amazing philosophy behind the Sphinx Sphere

An amazing addition to the Moe-Joe that begins our Sphinx foundation is the adding of the Bismuth core! Bismuth is my favourite metal, cause it has so many wonderful characteristics. First of all, what it represents is beautiful. It has been given two alchemical symbols.


Symbol of both Bismuth (alchemical) and Taurus (astrological)

The first symbol that is shown above here is the very same symbol for Taurus. Taurus is ruled by Venus and the Bull is the Earth element, which is our Mother, Gaia. The Venus and the Mother are both symbols representing Love...

Another alchemical symbol for Bismuth

This symbol is truly amazing for Bismuth and for the centre of our Moe-Joe sphere, or any alchemically created Sphere. The Moe-Joe is very simply ALL about the balance of the male and the female, and the best way of going about that - there will be many, as there are many paths to the One and there are many Patterns to the Great Pattern as spoken of in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. Join me in the following revelations of Bismuth and more surprises to come!

What better symbol to represent the very thing you'd like to see in the centre of the entire Moe-Joe? In the Centre of the male sphere and the centre of the female sphere is the very symbol for infinity itself. This symbol is known in alchemy as the Orouboros and represents the union of opposites, of male and female. Both of their centres lives in the Center itself (They share a common center, since each sphere is within the other, aligned), so this is the very place you'd put bismuth, as it symbolizes both Love, which is the Centre of the Tree of Life, and also the actual symbol of the male and female. Now, if you look at the symbol closer, you see that the Orouboros, representing the alchemical union of the male and female, it is cut open and one part of itself is folding in upon itself. This to me represents how the Bismuth represents a door with its high diamagnetism, pointing to the "Other side" of reality, where the infinite flow of energy emerges from. So Bi, yes Bi is the periodic table of elements symbol for Bi, it's scientific abbreviation, and Lo! that's another neat coincidence for us!

It's also the only heavy metal that is totally non-toxic, which gives me confidence to add it to my water, as I do drink it, and no, I am not worried of dying from it.

The centre female, is implosion, an invagination of her energy field, and so she fits great with the bismuth there, who has the Venus energy of Taurus and also of being diamagnetic, which is magnetically implosive, when it is held in the very centre of a magnetic field created by the electric field of the inner female sphere and the outer male sphere. And so when the Bimsuth is totally surrounded by these magnetic fields (created by the flow of electricity), it has nowhere to go but implode, creating a flow to the other side of reality that flows abundantly, and not in duality of the polarities of male and female that are attracted to each other, but stuck, not flowing - bound and gagged, so to speak. The bismuth provides the bridge to the other side of reality in the very centre, cause Bismuth actually carries all three of the other three that represent the male, the female and the balance of the two. So in the very centre you need the thing that has all three elements - the male, the female, and the balance of the two. And this we see in the symbol of the Orouboros itself.

The balance of the two is held by the neutral plates. So in that place would be a good place to put a metal that carries both the male and the female or the neutral. and there just so happens to be one perfect one that John Keely knew about and put as the balance in his trexar wire. What an amazing smart dude that guy was. He's also my hero, as a man, as bismuth is as a metal.

So then the questions remain - what is this metal that acts as the balance of the male and the female and what metal acts well for the central female sphere, and what metal acts as the outer sphere?

And that came as an answer to me from two directions. The first one was me figuring something out that means a lot to me. A special alchemical, astrological, kabbalistic discovery that was like me putting together some huge pieces of the alchemical mysteries puzzle. What I discovered came from piecing together a few things from The Book of Ezekiel (Old Testament) and the Book of Revelations (New) - The Vision that Ezekiel has when the heavens open up and he sees a vision of God there is the very same vision that John had of God in the Throne Room, also when the Heavens were opened. (This is discussed in even greater detail in a document titled "The Mystery of Moshe's Imploded Star" as part of Book 2 of The Last Four Books of Moses)

Ezekiel says:

?Now it came to pass ./ .\ that the heavens were opened, and I saw visions of God.? Ezekiel 1:1
"And out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures. And this was their appearance; as for the likeness of their faces, they had the face of a man, and they four had the face of a lion on the right side, and they four had the face of an ox on the left side, and they four had also the face of an eagle.?
Ezekiel 1:1 + 1:5-1:10

And then John's Book of Revelations reveals the same thing -

"After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven:" Revelations 4:1

And his vision then states:

"and in the midst of the throne, and round about the throne, were four beasts full of eyes before and behind. And the first beast was like a lion, and the second beast like a calf, and the third beast had a face as a man, and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle."

So the visions are one and the same- one speaks of God, one speaks of Christ. I am going to keep it simple and honest here. Christ was and is my greatest hero. He, to me, symbolically and in a very real fashion, represents true love and the miracle of giving self for the good of the all. The best thing about Love is that by it's very nature, it wishes for the best of all people and tends to give from itself, not take. It represents the source of a thing that gives infinitely, if we're going to speak of God, then we speak of the infinite, so that gives a lot and when we speak of the Christ, we speak of the child that is made by the Union of the male and the female, or the Father and the Mother. Thing is, the child is itself, the child AND it also carries both the Father and the Mother - so that is ALL three, living in One.

The Four Beasts are in fact the Four Fixed signs of the Zodiac. The Bull, represented by the symbol for Bismuth (yes, the Creator and the revelation of the Creator in Alchemy IS this cool and amazing), which is Taurus, and then the other three, being the Eagle, which is the higher aspect of Scorpio, the Lion, representing Leo, and the man, who is the astrological Aquarian Man. And there you have it, the four elements of the Unconditional Love of the Creator, who is so many things, including, in very nice fashion the Christ, as an office, and as an officer, as he was here on the planet 2000 years ago. Well, let's shout it in joy from the mountain tops people,  the Office and the Officer is here again on this Earth handing out badges for all of us to wear. That is the Return to the Garden of Eden, the Tree of Life, the Elixir of Life, the Eternal thing that flows to all sharp corners, heals all woes, fulfills the needs of the needy etc. etc. - and that is the Return of the King, who, like Aragorn, in the Lord of the Rings, is a Healer King, bringing healing to the Land and ending the wars with the One Power to Rule Over all living things - which is quite the exact opposite of the infinite centre that provides FOR all and is, actually, in and of itself, NO THING - no one defined thing - and is really this wild and wacky balance of two EXACT opposites, in the way of the male and the female being balanced AND still existing as individuals. This balance is not the same thing as the balance of Good and Evil. Good and Evil is something that happens in duality, when the male and female are completely separated, yet bound to need each other like slaves. That is the world of suffering. But it is a balance of light and darkness, and the union of opposites.

We are here to celebrate again on this planet. The purpose of suffering was to have an opposite to the ALL Good, to see what it is, to know it, otherwise, impossible to know what that infinite and undefined nature of the Creator is. The tough and yucky purpose of the suffering has been fulfilled, and so it has been destined in many cultures. Actually, ALL of our cultures have this tale at the End of Days, which is a Return to the Garden of Eden, Return of the Christ, the Kingdom of Heaven, Nirvana, Shangrila, etc, and for a long time too, and there's always been at least a handful of people from every culture holding on to the pursuit and belief in this as a true reality. And so, whether you believe in this or not, if you believe and see that the power of the mind creates with what it is focused on (Law of Attraction) then you can at least understand the amazing reality that, well, it has to happen SOMETIME. And the time is actually amazingly NOW! And Now is the time for the re-balancing of the male and female. The male and the female and the two that are one. How can two be one? That is the mathematics from the side of reality of Oneness that can be called the balanced positive nature of reality, where the male and female are not in duality, but are actually living in union again. And what is made by the bringing together of the male and female in union? Love. Plain and simple.

Two that are One makes one, plus the other two - that is three. So the two lives inside of one, and also, the male and female, live independently. They're BOTH FREE, not just one of them, and definitely not neither of them! Yes!

So the two that are one that is three is the Lion, Leo, ruled by the Sun, as the Father, principle of that which is bright and visible, element of Fire. And the Eagle of Scorpio, which is the water element, and the water element, is the moon element, because the moon governs all waters, and she is principle of darkness, that which is deep, dark, hidden. The moon represents the mother and the Sun represents the father. The symbol of the moon in alchemy and astrology is like the quarter moon, and it is ruled by the metal silver.

silver - water - moon - Scorpio - Eagle

and the symbol of the sun is the same as the alchemical symbol for gold, which is the circle with the dot in it (hint hint nudge nudge - look at the shape).

gold - fire - sun - Leo

Now the human Aquarian is ruled astrologically by the planet Uranus. Uranus, as a planet, alchemically, is represented by more than one metal - but one for sure. Platinum.

platinum - air - both - Aquarius

Look how the alchemical symbol of platinum contains BOTH the moon and the sun within itself!!! And there you have our link with Keely's trexar wire, and there you have a metal that has an alchemical symbol that is both the sun and the moon together - male and female, or father and mother. And there you have the amazing tapestry painted by our creator, with signs left by our friends of old, the alchemists, who made up these symbols, and other great minds (like Keely) who had discovered these secrets and left clues of them behind for us. And therein lies the mystery of why Aquarius is known as the Water bearer - because Aquarius is the Air element, of the four of the Christ, Elixir of Life. He is known as the WATER BEARER (Air ELement) and bears the water in Air, which is another fancy way of saying "steam" - WATER in AIR is STEAM. And what is created by Fire coming together with Water? Steam! And the Father (Fire) and Mother (Water) make a child - and the Child of God is the Christ, and Aquarius, which is the human being, is known to be the Christ (not exclusively, but also) and this shows us how special we human beings are, as the Children of the Creator.

You'd think i made all of this up. The truth is, it makes us appreciate the beauty of the Creator. What a creation!! What a tapestry! What an as above so below picture for inspiration!! So much beauty there. And John Keats said it too - Love is Beauty, and so it is, right there in the CENTRE of the Tree of Life, Etz HaChaim.

In the centre of the Tree of Life sits Tiferet - which is Hebrew for Beauty. And I call this Sphere (Sephira) Love because Beauty is Love, and Venus is both the Goddess of Love and Beauty. And since the Central Sphere is the One sphere of the Tree of Life that is in contact with ALL the other spheres (Sephirot), then the Tree of Life can really be called the Tree of Love. The Centre of the Tree of Life gives forth the waters of Eden - these are the waters of Life - and that is all healing - so yes, the Moe-Joe cell with the use of this powerful astrological, kabbalistic and alchemical awarenesses and these special metals, is also able to create the healing elixir as well, generating waters of total healing for us, and healing the planet of its woes. 

And Bismuth, being the metal for Taurus, is Beauty, and belongs therefore in the Centre of All of this, holding hands with the Silver (it holds hands by having electrical connection, and becase the bismuth is within the silver, it is shielded there, so it doesn't put out any current electrically with the water, or it would corrode, but it doesn't (especially with the marine epoxy that coats it). (Bismuth can be polished to a mirror sheen - oh so beautiful it is!!)

And Bismuth carries All Three on its strong, earthen back, carrying the Love in the Centre. It has the male side of the symbol of infinity, the female side, and both of them. And there is the Great Pattern of the Emerald Tablet of Thoth, of alchemy, and of the stars, as above, so below, picture of God and the Christ there in the Heavens. Can I get an amen? Thank you! And thank you God and Angels that this is so and now revealed, right here, in this simple way, that just about everyone can make happen. Take one step at a time, build one thing at a time, take your time, enjoy the process, and before you know it, there will be a tool in your hands to help this earth in a wonderful way, and there is your Power- your Power of Love here to melt the one ring that has ruled them all and bring back abundance to this Earth, melting the Love of Power. Sauron's Tower has fallen and it always would, cause the infinite cannot be fought against forever.

So where does the term Sphinx fit into all of this? The four elements of the Fixed Signs of the Zodiac, Lion, Eagle, Man and Bull is plain and simply, the Sphinx. Lion with the Wings of the Eagle, and the Face of a Man, with also the body of the Bull in the legs and its strength. Look what the author Joseph Robert Jochmans says in his book Atlantis Rising -

??Lion. Bull. Human. Eagle. We have here not only the four beings before the throne of the divine as described in the Books of Ezekiel and Revelations, but we also have here the four fixed signs of the zodiac, Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, and Scorpio."

and he also writes:

"In correlation with the prophecy inside the Great Pyramid, the nearby enigmatic statue of the Sphinx may hold its own symbology of past and future events. Before the Sphinx was carved into its present configuration, its earlier form, according to ancient Egyptian and Coptic traditions, was that it had the front paws of a lion, the back paws and tail of a bull, and the face of a human. Furthermore, along its sides, where today one can see the remains of stone incendiary boxes, fires were lit at night to give the Sphinx the appearance of having the flaming wings of an eagle."

So, wow the plot thickens!! And we dive deeper into the Alchemy of it All - and that leads us toward learning a little about the Sphinx. Who, symbolically, has represented the Sphinx? Because that would then represent God and the Christ. And there is a wonderful being who lived, who like Christ, gave his life for the advancement of civilization. And that was Chiron. He was also a healer, and was known to bring peace between the warring gods and the titans. That shares the image with the Christ. And he was a Centaur, who is half man, half human. And it is said many wonderful things about him, check into him. Lots of Goodness there. Great Fella!

 When he gave his life so that Prometheus could bring fire from the gods and bring them to man for the advancement of civilization, he became the Constellation Sagittarius, who's arrow points to the Centre of our Galaxy called the Galaxy Heart Centre or GHC.

"Sagittarius is stargate to Galactic Center, commonly referred to as the Zen Archer, or the First Horseman whose arrow points toward Galactic Center./ The First Horseman, the Sagittarian Centaur, is where the First and Highest Spiritual Light is found. Sagittarius is the Galactic City of Light, gateway to the High Council or Throne referring to our Galactic Center and is responsible for our higher spiritual education. Overhead is the constellation Scutum, Galactic shield of the Holy Cross, which is emblazoned with the symbol of the Holy Cross. Sagittarius is supreme defender of the High Truth of the Holy Cross--the greater truth of our origins and evolutionary journey, of the spiritual fulfillment of humankind. The Sagittarian Zen Archer is one who is willing to live, fight, and die for this Greater Truth."

Nick Anthony Fiorenza - from Revelation of the Gate of God

and in that quote, we see the word - Throne, as in the Vision of Ezekiel. To click this all together further, we see that what is also said of Sagittarius is the following:

?We find Sagittarius to be a Sphinx, except with the double head of Shu and Tefnut in Egyptian Myth (picture language), as is shown in the Zodiac of Esn?. This is the image of the Sagittarian centaur, but on the lion instead of the horse, with the human face of Shu facing forward (retrograde / west) overlooking Galactic Center.?  Nick Anthony Fiorenza


Shu is the human, Tefnut is the Lion

So Sagittarius is actually the Sphinx that carries ALL FOUR of the beasts... The Aquarian Man is the element that carries the Father and the Mother, and it is ruled by Platinum, whose symbol is just that - the sun and the moon conjunct. We see that the Bull is the element that carries all three - so the one that is two that is three and the three live in the One in the Bull and Bismuth. However, there is one, also, where all FOUR live. And it is in Sagittarius who is ruled by Jupiter. In mythology, Jupiter is Zeus, and they are both the Rulers of all the other gods, just as Nick Fiorenza said "The Sagittarian Centaur is where the First and Highest Spiritual Light is found" And this is true too in astrology, and alchemy, because the symbol of the planet Jupiter is as follows -

The symbol for Jupiter is the number FOUR, indicating how it carries the Sphinx, that is, the Lion, and the Human, and the Eagle, and the Bull ALL together, in itself, which is seen as the vision of God, the Throne Room itself by John of Revelations and Ezekiel!! Wow! And look therein, within the four, you'll see the next amazing thing, that is a 2 crossing over a one, showing how all of this stuff fits together and ultimately, it all is simplified as a 2 that are 1. (Yes, i do think it is possible that a fully activated "Sphinx Sphere" will activate and awaken the Sphinx in Egypt, and open its right shoulder, where, according to Edgar Cayce, the Hall of Records from the Time of Atlantis will accessible, through the right shoulder.)

The Atlanteans apparently had the power of free energy and empowered their "crafts" with this energy. According to the book, The Only Planet of Choice, which i value very highly as a good book for many reasons, the Atlanteans were playing with hydrogen technology, just as we are here, on this planet. They were also "androgenous" some have said, or "hermaphroditic" others have said, which differ greatly, but share one thing in common - carrying BOTH sexes. This put the Atlanteans in the realm where they were like Adam before the split, (known as Adam Kadmon in Kabbalah) and they were like the Christ, in the Garden of Eden. Interestingly, in the Only Planet of Choice, the Beings, known as the Nine, who are channeled in that book by Phyllis Schlemmer, also share a clue for us that the Atlanteans were using their amazing technology to make their genitals larger. They got all caught up and messed up in sex and got so tied up in it, they became sort of enslaved to it (my words there) - Does that sound familiar? The fact that we are seeing this so much on our planet with the great increase in spam email trying to get men to make their wang dang doodles larger and that many of us are experimenting with hydrogen technology is a sign that we are returning to Atlantis. And this time, it is for the better, hopefully not to repeat the great destruction and flood that happened at that time. So we are now entering into the Return, which is where the male and female are merged. 

Now, I shared earlier that the GHC is the very tip of where the arrow of Sag points to! And so, the tip of his entire being and energy all focuses in on this one point, the Galactic Heart Centere (GHC). What do we know about the GHC? It is said to reside in the Milky Way in a very special point.

Check out what The Romanian gypsy astrologer Tara said about the GHC:

??The Galactic Centre is the heart of the Milky Way Galaxy. All light is drawn into it, it is the re-birth place of Light, all Light returns to this place, the Sacred Tune-Up Centre of our system. Some liken it to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, of Mary, or of Yahweh, the "I Am" presence. The Mayans saw/see the GHC as the "great Maw" where all souls pass through upon death.?

There is a Myth refers to a serpent of light residing in the Heavens. The Milky Way is this serpent, and viewed at the Galactic Central point in Sagittarius, you can see, or can imagine the serpent eating its own tail. The GHC is the center of our Milky Way. The point in the GHC and the Milky Way itself is the inspiration for the symbol of the Orouboros. Isn't that amazing to recognize? It blows me away!

And one last thing to tie here - Scientists and Astronomers have known that there is something very special at the GHC, as did the Mayans, remarkably over 5,000 years ago.

?"Next time you look south at Sagittarius, you will be looking at the powerful and fascinating center of our galaxy. You will know that a massive Black Hole rules there and that it is adorned by a swirling dusty ring. And you will know that the heart of the Milky Way beats with an energy unmatched in the rest of the galaxy.?
?By Fulvio Melia  - Department of Physics at the University of Arizona

one little reminder about what this means:

"?"When a very massive star exhausts its nuclear fuel it explodes as a supernova. The outer parts of the star are expelled violently into space, while the core completely collapses under its own weight. If the core remaining after the supernova is very massive (more than 2.5 times the mass of the Sun), no known repulsive force inside a star can push back hard enough to prevent gravity from completely collapsing the core into a black hole."



So a black hole is created by implosion - and that is what we're doing here too. I believe that on December 21st, 2012, which represents the end of the "Great Year" of the Mayan calendar (known to be 26,000 years long), and known to be a great convergence and alignment point with the GHC, what is actually going to happen is that we are receiving the Light from the GHC which was created as an implosion 26,000 years ago. And amazingly, the distance of the GHC to earth is 26,000 Light years. So, i see us being swallowed up in the Balanced Position Implosional Force of the Christ GHC Messianic Tree of Life Return to Atlantis all good, peaceful, abundant reality. And... there is a concept in Kabbalah that teaches us that the Messianic Age must be brought forth with accelerated haste, otherwise there will be great destruction. The great destruction would be at the end of the time as we know it, when the beginning of time merges with the end of time. This is the great merging of the beginning with the end, which are the opposite polarities in duality, which were meant to be apart 26,000 years, since the "big bang" which wasn't a big bang at all - but a big implosion, where we came from the "other side" of infinite light reality, to this side, of limited physical experience, in duality. The bang that scientists hear on their scopes is the one at the end of time, which is exactly at the very same point in "time" as the beginning, that happened as an implosion, splitting reality into inner and outer, that were separated and not One as it is in the undefined higher level of reality. And these opposites can also be seen as matter and antimatter... Antimatter flows with the time of forwardness, toward the future, in harmony with truth, so to speak, and matter, where we are stuck, is in the time of backwardness - that is held to the past. When matter and antimatter come together, in the end of time that is actually the beginning of time as we know it, there is a big boom!! Massive! And if we are still here, on earth, stuck to our physical illusion reality, and not the unified all-aligned light reality, then there will be great destruction... however, we have the chance and actually an urgent responsibility to bring this to the Earth now, while we have the chance. And so it is already happening, through us. (By the way, I don't think the big boom will happen at 2012, but it will soon, and so it is upon us to prepare ourselves to make the transition from this world and existence of duality into the Oneness as experienced and lived in harmony with the GHC, the Christ, the Tree of Life, and the Sphinx)

And since the point where the Male and Female meet is in the center of the Galaxy and there is an implosion there, then what we are actually doing with the Moe-Joe and Sphinx Sphere, is creating that same implosion here on Earth, because it IS the Centre of our Galaxy, so we might as well Create it here on Earth NOW! By the way, the Centre of our Galaxy is the Centre of Our Galaxy - it is where we come from and what "surrounds" and provides the foundation for our very existence. Its point cannot be underestimated in its importance. (As another little theory, a very neat clue has been recently shown that scientists have overlooked something, or seen it from a smaller perspective that is possible to view - that our Solar System is really a part of the greater Galaxy of Sagittarius, and that when the Earth begins to receive the light at the End of Days, which is 26,000 years after the Great Implosion, it marks the end of the experience of duality, suffering, and the Return to the Kingdome of Heaven on Earth of abundance, health, peace, and freedom of being!)

Practical Sphinx Sphere Construction Notes:

Our four Sphinx metals are Gold - Father, Male, Outer Aspect. Silver - Female, inner aspect. Platinum - Child - Both - Neutral sphere. Bismuth - Core.

Gold – outer 4”

Platinum neutral third 3”

Silver female root note 2”

Core of bismuth ball – it is in the neutral centre and it carries the alchemical symbol for the unity of infinity.

“A wire made of sections of silver, gold, and platinum, respectively, is peculiarly adapted to transmit concordant vibrations in the relations of the thirds, their range of molecular oscillation being in the proportion of 3:6:9 respectively. The Trexar is this wire…/ used as a conductor in vibratory transmission and for the multiplication of vibrational frequencies.” Keely’s Secrets p. 232-4 

Keely Trexar Wire

From Keely's Secrets

Basically, Keely discovered that he couldn't harnass the "neutral" core without the use of these metals, because the energy of the core is multi-faceted. It is not like the simple flow of electricity, which can flow along any conducting substance. It is actually more complexe and required each of these metals to carry aspects of the vibrations of the energy that we call free energy, or Radiant energy. He created a wire, known as Trexar, that was made up of a silver core, an outer layer of gold, and an inner or middle layer of platinum. Platinum, explained Keely, (as he knew the secrets, somehow, in his own way, contained within this document) is the perfect element that can carry the neutral energy of both silver and gold, and therefore, acts perfectly as the bridge / neutral between them. That is the magic of the Sphinx Sphere, where I have created Trexar, not as a wire, but as a modified Moe-Joe cell, where the gold is outer, silver is inner, and platinum is the neutral plate.

Bismuth as a solid polished ball in the centre coated with marine epoxy - and it will function in the same way it does in the Moe-Joe cell.

Only one neutral sphere is needed in the Moe-Joe. The only neutral sphere that is needed is one sphere of platinum. I pondered a while as to how I was going to afford a Sphinx Sphere. Ideally, gold spheres could be created thick enough to support the 4" size. Platinum is strong enough and need not be that thick, but it is still very costly. The whole Sphinx Sphere, if made solely out of pure precious metals, would cost between $8000 - 15,000. Not too bad, eh? Well, a little too for some, and so I decided that copper spheres can be plated with these precious metals - one need not have the whole entire thing made out of the precious metals, but it would be helpful. Copper, by the way, is the other metal that rules the planet Venus, and so, it's good as another physical / Earthen part of the structure. Plated copper - it works. The costs I have come out with are around $1200 - 1500 for the plating of all spheres. I kind of wish silver could go on the 4" (cause it's the cheapest of the metals) gold on the 3" and platinum on the 2" - alas! This would not work for our Sphinxy purposes.

Inner spheres plated with silver. Middle with Platinum - outer with Gold. I'd not go cheap at this point and plate it on nice and thick - at least 4-8 microns (not thick I know, but in plating terms, not too bad). For now, I'd suggest sticking with 2", 3" and 4" spheres, but this can be modified to, to suit the properly sized harmonic resonances. There is also a vision I have, though I have not fully solved how to do this, and it involves a Sphinx Sphere without any wires going to the centre.

The Cathode - I would not use any stainless steel, as the energy of iron has a place in alchemy, but not in the Sphinx sphere. So, I have created my own form of Trexar, which is not as good, but is a handy solution - Take 18 gauge lengths of gold, silver, and platinum wire, all the same lengths, and twist them together using a drill, so that the angle of the twists is at 45 degrees. Once this is done - one can melt some bismuth, pour it into a mold, and then stick the simple Trexar wire into the bismuth core, as seen in this photo... as a modified Sphinx wire for the cathode.

Trexar Wire simplified

Trexar Wire Simplified- 18 gauge Gold, Platinum and Silver beautifully intertwined held within a bismuth ball

For the anode, the positive wire, a little piece of gold wire, going to the inside of the outer sphere, fused there, would be best. To keep matters simple, one could fuse this gold wire to the outer side of the outer sphere, but it is probably better to bring the +ve electricity to the inner surface of the outer sphere.

There you have the Sphinx Sphere - The Elixir of Life in the Form of a Moe-Joe Cell with the Precious and Special Metals of Alchemy - Feedback, Comments, Questions WELCOMED!

>>>Buy NOW - The Sphinx Sphere for healing, prayer enhancement, alignment with the Balanced Positive Alchemical Union<<<

Another interesting little addition to the Moe-Joe and the Sphinx sphere that can be done is this: Keep the antennae (the cathode that brings the negative electricity to the central sphere) of the Moe-Joe pointing toward the GHC - find out where it is at 27th degree Sagittarius and point at it with the tip of the bolt that goes all the way to the centre of the spheres-  make this long, and point it to the GHC, adjusting it as many times a day as you can to the heart of our Galaxy at the tip of the Arrow of Sagittarius / Chiron / Christ / Sphinx!

And another little side note here: In reading until this point, you may have considered all that i have written seriously and seen the value in it, and for that, i am grateful. That is a blessing to me. So please just hear these words: What I have shared here, in my awareness, is a secret of all secrets. It is the merging of many things, across many plains, cosmologies, sciences, for many blessings. I am offering it here as it truly exists - I ask two things with this - you reproduce it and use it to help heal the world while respecting Collective Copyright ?? (info on ??). You never, ever, under any circumstance, try to do the most foolish thing you can do - Try to control it - Try to capitalize on it by limiting it from others (hoarding it). Don't even go down the path of Greed. It is not a fun place you'll find yourself, especially in these days, and a lot of suffering Karma will be generated very quickly for anyone who does this. If you can build the Spheres for others, then of course, by all means, please, you can make a living of selling them, if you put your hard work and efforts into it - you are entitled, as anyone is, to be compensated for their time and the materials. But please don't make it too expensive. Rather, try to reproduce it in the largest and most affordable quantity for everyone to have it. If you try to control this, there will be great suffering inside of you, because you are trying to contain the infinite, and it's already been let out of the box. So, just use it, reproduce it, share it. Work with its flow and all your days will be filled with a great sense of ability to help heal this earth, that is so badly in need of rescue now.

That is my most earnest request, which I say with all that I am.

The next request I have is an invitation to you, to please come and check out Nutopia, also known as EveryNationLand, the land where we all stand with each other as equals, without any borders of any kind, whether it be physical territory borders, or borders of the mind, with me and many others recognizing the same thing all of us yearning for - peace, end of war, abundance, and harmony.

And please call yourself a Nutopian as you share the healing Moe-Joe Cell and Sphinx Sphere with others - and come share in the vision John Lennon sings of and shares beautifully in his song Imagine - and his vision is also my vision, as I have begun EveryNationLand - please be a part of it... (it is an online community - built for this very purpose - sharing the Healing Love Moe-Joe with all people, amongst other helping healing things - in a way that we can support each other in, as you'll see by the way it functions in the world) - see - if you see that this page is down, it's cause I am finalizing the programming of the site with my programmer.)


So please come and be a part of it - and receive updates and advancements on the Moe-Joe cell, the Sphinx Sphere and many other powerful healing modalities in the forums.

Part 5) The Application of the Electricity is also key -

1) The use of a circuit that could apply a Root note frequency to the inner sphere and the 5th to the outer sphere via the +ve electricity, would be most excellent.

2) Because we don't want too much current to flow, but we do want a high voltage to pass across to the different elements. <--- there you have the major key to making these spheres resonate with the music of the spheres, the celestial spheres, the angelic and infinite. In the forums of ENL (everynationland) we will develop together how to apply the electricity to this setup, and help each other build this device, and use it as a tool for teaching, showing, and sharing people how to do all of this. 


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