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The Sphinx Sphere is a very advanced alchemical form of the Moe-Joe cell with precious metals. Click here for the philosophy of the Sphinx Sphere.

Sphinx Sphere Video part 1

Sphinx Sphere Video part I

Sphinx Sphere Video part 2

Sphinx Sphere Video part II

Note - In part II - this is the initial form which was easiest to make, and the least expensive to test out the basics of the idea. However, the Sphinx Sphere will be created using real precious metals, not copper plated with the precious metals.

If you are seriously interested, and you have the money for it, then please contact me. This is going to be very very expensive, as it uses pure precious metals to create the resonance with the Zero Point field of the Christ / Messianic healing energy field of the Creator.

Serious inquiries only

Contact Moshe Daniel