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Moshe's Healing Caduceus Staff ThE Nu Staff of Solomon

Moshe Daniel Healing Caduceus Staff


The New Healing Alchemical Staff of Solomon Stone of the Philosophers King


ThE Nu Staff of Solomon


The New Staff of Solomon has 5 faces, representing the one that is two that is three that is four.

Yud face staff of Solomon

Face One - The Fire - Sol - Leo - Sun Face with Golden Yud and Ruby

Solomon's Staff alchemy Philosopher's Stone

The Second Face has a Hey in Platinum, represents the Air Element - Water Bearer - Aquarius - Steam Child created by the Marriage of the Father and the Mother and has the Amethyst - This face has the Star of David with the Earth and the Heart - Representing the Unification of All people under the Flag of Love - EveryNationLand Nutopia And also the unification of all tribes of the Earth including the Lost Tribes of Israel with Every Nation.

Eagle Scorpio Amethyst Staff of Solomon

Eagle Scorpio Staff of Solomon

This face has the Vav in Silver, Mother, Water, Scorpio / Eagle - and has the Blue Topaz, also has the Cross with the Star of David

Taurus Earth Venus Bismuth Copper Alchemy Staff of Solomon

The Earth Face - Taurus, Hey in Copper, Emerald birthstone of Taurus, has Rose quartz for Love

The Four Elements making the Fifth

This is the alchemy of the Four Elements ©- Yud Hey Vav Hey - where we can how the Shin is created by the Four coming together as One - Representing the name of the Christ - Yeshua - Messiah / Moshiach (This is my original design for the Nu Ring of Solomon)



Moshe's Healing Caduceus Staff

Moshe Daniel's healing caduceus copper staff

My healing Caduceus staff with 4 copper pipes (.75", 1.25", 1.75" and 2.25" diameters )

The pipes are all placed within each other, filled with water (charged with Joe Cell or Moe Joe cell). I made the inside layers lined with female magnets, that is the magnets pointed north toward the center, (drawing in the ether) and the outer two pipes are male, having their north poles facing outside of the staff. This leaves the 2 south pole layers facing each other south to south. It creates a dynamic tension... which I now understand is "Scalar waves." This is what i have come up with to add the magnetic element to the Joe Cell and the Moe Joe cell - in other words, how to apply magnets to the Joe Cell or Moe-Joe cell? It would be using the above idea. (note: the magnets must be insulated electrically between the layers - get plastic-coated magnets, coat them yourself, or use electrical tape)

However, now, I feel, if one is going to add magnets to their Joe-Cell or Moe-Joe Cells, it should only be within the female inner tube or inner sphere. Why? Because magnetism is female in relation to electricity, and therefore, belongs inside of the male electrical happenings of the Joe Cell and Moe-Joe cell. It belongs inside because the female goes inside... within the centre.

The energy of the staff is very healing and very powerful. It is my magic wand that helps me get right in there for the Joe Cell.

 The serpents seen and the Eagle wings are for the overall beauty of the staff, and function to enhance the staff's energy in so-much-as the centre of the Tree of Life is called Tiferet- Beauty!